Z Glinianej Osady - The Polish Hound breeding from the ‘Clay Settlement’

About the breeding

The hounds have been with us since 2008 when the Cygaro dog from Beskidzkie Wyspy moved in with us (m.:Enigma z Południowej Kniej, f.:Rokosz Ogarusy). Read more about our everyday struggles on our blog: – http://ogarkowo.pl/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=247

Cygaro’s tragic death confirmed us in our belief that we love dogs, but also about the fact that it would be much more enjoyable to live with them in a more natural environment…

Natural environment – a huge land where they can run, look for trails on the forest paths. All of that led us to the dog Cyga Słopnicka Przełęcz (m.: Aza z Nadsańskich Łazów, f.:Zenit z Gończaków).

After moving here I decided that two dogs wouldn’t be too many… I was looking for a non-related bitch so that we could observe different lines of puppies, after different parents…

It was that desire that made me acquire breeding certificates for our she-hounds and as for now it is my priority and biggest passion – to bring up energetic, healthy puppies – and to find them new families, being still in touch with the new guardians. I have a plan in my mind already – new owners who will stay in touch with us will get preferential offers to stay in our Settlement; we will invite them for regular meetings – in general we will keep them busy 